I used to be a bean counter.

For 13 years my accounting job sent me all over North America.  Through the continuous traveling, long days and late nights, coffee was my constant companion. There were coffee houses in every city I simply had to visit whenever I was in town.  One particular house in Atlanta had the most amazing Carmelattos!  I’m confident I drank more of them than anyone else in Georgia.

Did I mention I lived in Iowa at the time?

Over time, crunching numbers lost its appeal.  I wanted something I could call my own.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Waterstreet Coffee Bar became a reality in the spring of 2013.  The perfect space was available.  I met a barista who helped me understand what’s needed to make a great cup of coffee.  I partnered with Kickapoo Coffee Roasters — one of the top rated roasters in the United States.  Iowa City was soon to have its own “must visit” coffee shop much like the ones I fondly remembered from my travels.

Our goal is that you’ll find the best cup of coffee you ever had right here.  We take an extreme amount of pride in every offering on our menu.  We’re sure your experience will be enjoyable, memorable and, most important — delicious — at Waterstreet Coffee Bar.

I used to be a bean counter. My passion is for a different kind of bean now.